So, art is a thing I used to do. When I was younger, it was what defined me, what set me apart from my classmates and friends. I had other interests, sure, but art was what I did and, I was certain, what I would always do. We can never predict the future, though, and some of those other interests have moved to the forefront in recent years, slowly taking more and more time from creative pursuits until they became, more than anything else, a thing of the past.

Well, enough is enough. It’s time to get back into it, and I think I’ve thought up a way. One major interest through everything, so obvious to those who know me, has been animals. As a child and through my teens, I obsessed about drawing animals both real and mythical. Even now, despite doing little else, I sometimes sketch the creatures I work with in my daily life. Here, then, is an easy bridge back to making things, creating things. I have set myself the simple challenge of A Dog a Day – each day, no matter how crazy things get or tired I am, regardless of travel or illness, I must create at least one dog. It need not be anything grand, a sketch, a mere doodle even, will do. It just has to be the likeness of a dog which did not exist the day previously. And I think I can do it.

So, with that said, may I present my first installment in this project: ballpoint on scrap paper, a doodle of pit bulls in recline (because, seriously, no dog sleeps like a blockhead).


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