Dan has an awesome face. There, I said it. His face is so very expressive (despite his expressions often being misread), particularly his trademark Leto-esque (I mean that in a good way) eyes. He’s a sensitive guy, and with great reason, but they don’t call him Handsome for nuthin’! I’ve had the pleasure to hang out and sketch him some in person, and just love his look when he’s relaxed. Next to Lexi, he’s the pup I doodle the most, because of that face, and I find sketches of him often coming back to a soft, childlike style. I tried to get away from that a little here, but I think it’s impossible to do all the way – he’s a gentle soul, despite (because of?) his past. This was done with ball point pen and marker on sketch paper. I want him to have a book (badly) – an illustrated one. And a line of children’s clothes. I really do.

Read more about/fall in love with Dan Here.


6 thoughts on “Hi, D!: 3

  1. I love Dan’s handsome face! Maybe you could do sketches for the next Ebay auction??? Or maybe even offer your services to do a sketch of our dog through the auction! You are an awesome artist! Wish I had talent like that!

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