Today was a sick day in a big way. I had grand plans of spending my couch time working on a big new board ink piece, but it quickly became evident that that wasn’t in the cards. However, I had some great pictures of Juno just waiting in my inbox (a Handsome Dan’s alum!), and it wasn’t hard to get sketching her wonderful, smooshy face. Non photo blue again ( I really do like it), with some matching marker highlights. And, with that, I’m off to bed! Here’s to tomorrow, and grander plans. And hoping the meds work.


2 thoughts on “Juno: 36

  1. I was feeling so inspired by your project that I decided I wanted to break out my drawing supplies (drawing was my thing while studying art in college, though now I’m primarily a photographer) and sketch my pup, but apparently my dog doesn’t like to be sketched. She holds perfectly still when I point a camera at her, waiting for me to snap the picture, but I think my incessant staring unnerved her when I went to draw her because she kept adjusting her position so she’d face away from me! Looks like I’ll have to draw from photos if I want to sketch my dog.

    • I’m glad you got inspired! That is an issue with dogs (I have some who will even look away from cameras, and for a commission, the dog was only looking at camera in about 1 out of 10 shots!). While I prefer to draw from life, I find that I’m often just observing them to get a feel for them and maybe doing some quick gesture drawings, and I’ll snap a few photos to use as references later. It’s SO much easier to draw from a picture if you know the dog, I’ve found! Good luck with the drawing!

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