Today I chose from some of the submissions from YOU to give your dog a day! This is a pair of Shih Tzus from RI, Lucky and Shadow, done with Micron on sketch paper. It was fun to try a dog so very different from what I’ve been drawing mostly (do I have a type? I might have a type). Shih Tzu (and other small, fluffy sorts) are always such a challenge to me because I’m drawn to the form of things, and their structure is so very hidden underneath all that hair! I think it’s especially important to get the distance between nose and eyes right – you mess that up, things go extra wonky (a problem I had with Bear the Pyrenees, drawn over Thanksgiving). I always approach sketching one with trepidation, but then find the fun in it as I go. It’s a challenge, yes, but a good one! Thanks to the submitter for giving me the chance to sketch their adorable pooches!


2 thoughts on “Shadow and Lucky: 37

  1.  thank you so much.    I have not stopped smiling since I saw this.  You have captured the essence of my boys!    

    • You’re welcome, and thank you so much for sharing them with me! It’s so great to try such a variety of faces. It can be hard having never met them, so it’s wonderful to get positive feeback! I’m glad you enjoy!

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