That’s right – it’s Adoptable Thursday! This weeks sketch, done in my trusty Non-photo Blue (with some marker accents), features an adoptable dog who is very special to me (and to a lot of people)- Hennessey!  Henny is a gorgeous pit mix who has spent roughly 1/4 of her life to date waiting patiently at the RISPCA in Riverside, RI for a home. She holds the record for longest stay at the RISPCA, clocking in almost exactly one year before being adopted 3 years ago. Sadly, due to landlord issues, Hennessey found her way back to the shelter earlier this year and has been waiting there, ever patient, ever since. She amazed people with her patience and calmness her first time, and won herself fans from all quarters. There were many, many folks moved to tears to see her back in a kennel. We don’t quite know what it is that causes her to be overlooked time and again, because visitors of all walks constantly comment on her calm, regal kennel demeanor and her beautiful, soulful eyes. Her first family and her most recent both had nothing but praise for this sweet girl, and she has proven herself in working towards her CGC and acing her training classes. Henny came to the shelter awkward and rambunctious with other dogs, and over time has developed some reactivity to them. However, she is a smart, patient girl and a joy to be around. She is now close to 6 years old, and has been waiting for nearly 6 months this time around. I wish nothing but the best for this girl and would like to do what I can to get her face out there, possibly to her forever home. As stated in the rules of Adoptable Thursdays, if your or your friend adopts Hennessey, please contact me at dogadayart@gmail.com to let me know, and I will mail this portrait of Henny to you, free of charge. It’s not much, but it’s what I can do. So, folks, here she is. Hennessey, The Dog Who Waited.


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