You know what? Hennessey is so great that I couldn’t settle on just one drawing. I couldn’t even do one at once! So, here is another offering, this time in Micron.

When I snapped some pictures of Hennessey today for reference, I had in mind the Henny I’ve remembered from years past – sweet and soft and gifted with some of the most expressive eyes you’ve seen. What I found when looking through those photos, to my surprise, is that the Hennessey I remember has aged. She’s a little leaner, a little longer and just, well, a little older. Those amazing eyes are still there, though. It shouldn’t surprise me – I know how many years it’s been. Still, it’s rare in the shelter world to see a dog (that you haven’t adopted yourself) go through such a transformation of years. It sets you back a pace. While it’s looking like we won’t see Henny in a home for the holidays this year, we are certainly hoping to see her in one someday very soon. After all, she deserves it.

Hennessey is adoptable through the Rhode Island SPCA in Riverside, RI. As mentioned, anyone seeing this post who adopts her need only email me at dogadayart@gmail.com and they can receive this artwork free.


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