So, the last couple of weeks I have had multiple days where I have actually drawn more than one dog a day – in some cases, quite a few dogs! I have had some requests to do portraits as gifts, which I have been happy to do. However, as they are gifts and therefore must be kept secret, it means that I have spent tons of time doing dog drawings… but haven’t been able to count them towards the dog a day! This hasn’t been a problem until today. You see, with Christmas Eve tomorrow, I’ve had a busy, crazy weekend and this has led to a quandary: I did this piece today, but it’s one of those pesky gifts. However, I haven’t had time to do another piece! So, in an effort to fulfill both duties (post a drawing and keep this commission a secret), I am posting up a detail only. Once the recipient has opened their present, I will follow up with the full piece but, for now, please accept this small bit of what I assure you is a drawing (that took quite a while, mind you) which I am very happy with. Happy Eve eve, y’all!


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