Ta-Da! It’s here – Christmas day, which also means that the commissions I have done for presents are now postable! I am working on yet another top-secret pooch drawing this evening, so I am going to instead leave you with a number of the pieces I have done in the last couple of weeks that you haven’t been able to see. For starters, we have the featured image of Eshe, ink on wood. Eshe is adoptable through Handsome Dan’s Rescue in RI.

One of the first pieces I worked on was this set of ink drawings of Jake, a sweet elderbull who was fostered and then adopted by the founders of Handsome Dan’s so that he could live out his golden years in a safe, loving home. I had fun with this one, as I love his face, and so I ended up doing two drawings of him. Here is the first –  I also took photos of the various stages of the drawing to share!

Initial linework in non photo blue pencil

Initial linework in non photo blue pencil

Fleshed out pencil

Fleshed out pencil

Jake 3

Initial ink lines


Ink and dark shading

Ink and dark shading

More linework

More line work

Mid shading line

Mid shading line

Fine shading

Fine shading

Final detail

Final detail!

The second piece of Jake was one of him sleeping on his favorite couch:

IMAG7704Shortly after this I did another ink piece, this time of Dusty, a sweet yellow lab:

IMAG7934It has been fun working on these pieces, trying to capture dogs I have never met – a huge thank you to the folks who requested these! I am glad to hear from recipients that the pieces are well liked, and look forward to doing many more pieces for people (I will be doing many more pieces in the style of Eshe, the featured image). If you are interested in commissioning a piece, feel free to contact me at dogadayart@gmail.com! For tonight, I’m getting back to work on yet another gift, this time from me to someone special. This is definitely of a dog I have met, and I hope that it is well received! So, while you won’t see the sketches here tonight, check back, as I will be sure to post it once the proverbial cat is out of the bag!


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!: 43

  1. The portrait of Dusty turned out so beautifully!! You really captured his sweet and loving personality. The gift recipients really loved it and the portrait will be greatly cherished. Thank you so much!! Please use me as a reference anytime. It has been wonderful working with you on this. I will continue to love and follow your blog!! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!

    • I’m so glad you like them! The ink pieces are done on pre-made wooden canvases with basswood faces. Fairly light with a nice grain that shows through the drawing (a detail I like). They are also wide enough to sit on a shelf, but have framework on the back that allows them to be hung or to have mounting hardware applied. I’m having a lot of fun working with them! I may see about other types of wood as well, as I go.

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