It’s been a long day, involving a last minute 6 hour drive back to my hometown in Maine to attend a funeral of a good friend. This has me off center, and rather down. In this place of mourning and memory, my thoughts for my daily dog turn to one Wog (the dog).

A few years back, before we were fully into fostering and long before we had met the Handsome Dan’s crew, we worked with a dog named Paul. Sadly, things didn’t work out for Paul, despite his being one of the most amazing and charismatic dogs I have ever met – on his good days. We loved him dearly and gave everything we had at the time for him, but it just wasn’t enough. Our experience with him really took its toll, and hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of him. While it’s painful to think of losing him, I cherish his memory, and hope to never forget him. We placed his memory out at Colt State Park, and still visit him and think of him when walking other dogs along the shore there. I’ve begun work on a special project (more on that later), and have decided that  Paul, or Paul-y Wog, or Wog the Dog (or just Wog) will be the featured pup. If there were one dog I could bring back, one do-over, it would be Paul – always Paul. Even if it had the same results, just to say we tried one more thing. Consider this, then, Paul’s rebirth, and his legacy.

I’m tired tonight, and not up to anything big, but I’ve started a series of small sketches of him to really get the feel of him down on paper in preparation for this new project. Keep an eye out for his face as we move forward – I can guarantee you that it, and more of his story, will crop up from time to time.




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