While I’m up in Maine, I find myself missing my crazy hound quite a bit. It seems strange not having my little shadow begging to go out in the snow (she loves snow, and the recent 9″ dump would have her elated). She LOVES Maine and has accompanied me on almost every trip since she moved in. However, it has given me some time to hang out with Charlie, aka Chuck, my parent’s hound (he isn’t sure what to make of Sadie’s brand of crazy and generally avoids her, and therefore me, for a good portion of our visits – when not hiking or playing outside). He was adopted from the RISPCA  years ago, and has thrived in his new home. On a normal visit, we would spend much of the time hiking (both dogs live for the trail). While that isn’t happening this time, it’s fun to imagine it and look forward to the next trip, when Sadie will be able to come and we can get some trail time in together.

In lieu of actual together time, here is a little NPB pencil sketch of the two of them (Seriously. Chuck, a plott hound, clocks in at around 70+ lbs to Sadie’s 35, but otherwise they’re pretty similar).


One thought on “Hiking Buddies: 45

  1. I love this drawing. My folks have a place At kezar lake in Lovell, maine and shadow and lucky both love it there. Speaking of them, I am wondering if I can purchase the drawing you did of,them. I would love to be able to frame it. Happy new year!

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