Today’s AT post is near and dear to me – my own foster dog, The Gallump, The Peanut, The Winter Weenie … Lexi! Lex is adoptable through Handsome Dan’s Rescue for Pit Bull Type Dogs in RI (and if she looks familiar, it’s true. I’ve drawn her once or twice before). She’s a great girl who came to us a mess, and who has now spent 2 days shy of 6 months in our home recovering and being, well, a dog. She’s needed a little help, but this little lug knows how to give a hug, is the queen of kisses (just don’t trust her with your nose), can rock a pair of sock-monkey jammies and has a surprisingly intuitive play style. I could go one, but … she has her own blog!

Getting down to it, then, here she is. This is another micron sketch, this time of her being her true Weenie self and snuggling up to the radiator. She is amazingly expressive, and always a joy to draw. Enjoy, and please … share, or adopt!


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