So I’m realizing tonight that, for all that I have lived with her for nearly 2 years (well, over 2 counting foster time) and spent most of that time with her glued to my side staring crazy-eyes at me, I really haven’t done much drawing of Sadie, our resident hound. Further, I’ve discovered that she is very difficult to draw! While she is incredibly photogenic, it seems like putting her down on paper is easier said than done. I have made a few attempts, none that I am happy with, and so I set down to rectify that tonight. While I’m happy with the sketch, I will say I’m kind of amazed at how long it took me to do it! Almost twice as long as yesterday’s drawing of Boo … and while today involves her body to Boo’s face-only shot, the drawings themselves are roughly the same size.

Ah well! Here she is, Sadie in Micron.


2 thoughts on “Elusive Hound: 57

  1. It’s funny how some dogs are harder to draw than others, isn’t it? I started drawing dogs because I was enjoying your project so much and found that my own dog, who, likewise, is very photogenic, is really hard to draw! Your sketch of Sadie turned out very nice, though.

  2. Thank you … and I’m so glad to hear you’ve been inspired to draw dogs, too! It’s addicting, and I found the added pressure of a blog put some accountability on it that forces me to continue. I’m at day 58 today (that’s a lot of dogs) and am thoroughly convinced that some dogs are just HARD to draw. I thought Sadie would be easy, since I see her every day, but she’s not at all. Lexi, however, is. It’s strange, and I think I’ll look into it further …. 😉

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