Today’s drawing is a micron drawing of sweet Layla! Layla is a gorgeous, sweet pittie girl available for adoption through Providence Animal Rescue League in Providence, RI. Layla’s excellent personality and sweet demeanor (not to mention her rock star good looks!) have won her tons of fans already – but not yet the home she’s looking for! Are you who she is waiting for? Contact PARL!

And, remember – if you do end up adopting Layla (our Adoptable Thursday dog for 1/10/13), send me an email at dogadayart@gmail.com with your mailing address, and I will mail you her picture free of charge! It’s like two Layla’s for one … and, as unique as she is, you really can’t have enough of her!


*edited from the original posting to account for sheer exhaustion weirdness*


2 thoughts on “Adoptable Layla!: 59

  1. Gorgeous drawing! Just love Layla.. can’t get her out of my head! Really hope she finds the wonderful home she deserves, and soon!

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