Timea and time again I swear that I won’t fall for any more dogs at work. After each one, “That’s it!” and off I go, trying to stick to my guns … until the next one comes along. Today’s drawing is of my latest crush, a sweet little girl – pint sized, really – who was surrendered to the shelter after 3 years of being mostly tied up outside. She was understandably terrified at first, it’s true, but she is blossoming into the sweetest little pile of zoommies you ever met! She loves kisses, and lap time, and takes treats oh-so-gently! Her favorite person at the shelter decided she needed a new name, and settled on ‘Henrietta Hippo’ – which I absolutely love, and which I think fits her wonderfully. She’s a love, and I hope to have more pieces featuring her in the future (her ears are to die for).


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