Today had tons of good news, but also some less-than-good news – I found out one of my favorite people is feeling under the weather. So, in honor of the Bean (and to wish her a speedy return to her spunky lil’ self), I did a second installment – her new BFF Dani!

Now, I know, I know …. Dani isn’t a dog, right? Well … it’s complicated. You see, Dani wandered her homeless little self onto the property of the Handsome Dan’s Rescue Headquarters, and was quickly taken under the wing of those kind folks to become the first ever HDR Foster Cat! We’re pretty sure she doesn’t think she’s a cat, and we don’t want to be the ones to break it to her! She’s currently staying at HQ while her foster home is away on travels, but hasn’t taken a break from charming everyone she meets, be they on 2 or 4 legs, on her way to finding a forever home!

I hope you will all join me in wishing Bean a rapid recovery, and Dani a just-as-rapid search for a new family!


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