So, I was pretty specific when I stated that I would be making a dog a day. Not drawing, or painting, or in any way 2D-ifying. Making. I said that because I hoped, eventually, to wander into the territory of three dimensional canines … and today was the day! I’ve been tired and busy, yes, but I made the mother-load of soup last night and got home on time (ghasp!) today, etc etc… meaning that the stars aligned to allow me the time and inclination to take on something I haven’t done in years (as it’s my 10 year college reunion this year … many years): plasticine! This model was done with a sulfur-free no.2 plasticine (a whole two lbs of it), over an aluminum-and-paper armature cobbled together while watching West Wing on the couch. It’s a sketch, really, pretty rough still, but it was really fun to get back to something that I always loved doing and never (even while in school) devoted enough time to. While I didn’t miss that distinctive smell, the greasy residue is actually a welcome relief to my freeze-dried hands. This piece was loosely based on Handsome Dan, as I have access to so many views of his head, have drawn him often enough to be comfortable with him and have spent time with him in person. Still, it got away from me somehow … at least it looks like a dog, and I’ll work on individual distinction in later efforts.

I’ll leave you with some views and a quick (if awkward – note to self, get a lazy susan) video spin, and run off to wash up.


4 thoughts on “Not Your Average Dog A Day:72

  1. Laurelinn,
    That is gorgeous. Are you kidding, “at least it looks like dog”. You are so talented. Thank you for posting your work.

  2. Thanks, guys … but I swear I wasn’t fishing! Kim, I meant I cobbled the armature together 😛 (although the tv was on during the sculpting, too … I’ve never watched as much tv as I have since I started doing this project! This one took about 2 episodes of WW, for those who are curious), and you do have to admit that it doesn’t look much like Dan. I am very happy with it as is, I just would like to work now on getting a sculpture to look more like an individual dog. It’s a fun challenge, and very different from drawing! So much fun! Now to buy more clay …

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