It’s Adoptable Thursday again! Today’s featured pup is a very special girl – Bella! I first met Bella when I was called along to collect some exotic animals from an eviction situation. I was specifically called to collect a young American alligator and a pair of boas, but there in the middle of the mess and the chaos was this gorgeous blockheaded girl, absolutely LOVING all of the activity and begging for attention from everyone. She ended up coming along with the reptiles and was placed up for adoption. Like many pit type dogs, she had quite a wait ahead of her, but her excellent personality won out and scored her a home. Unfortunately, a  year or so later she ended up back at the shelter through no fault of her own, the victim of a move that proved to be less than dog friendly. Bella (otherwise known as Layla, though she will always be Bella to me) is now waiting patiently (again) for the right home. She is a rockstar of a dog – I’m not kidding! She’s been featured on TV, on the radio and is currently working with a Shelter Enrichment Specialist through Handsome Dan’s Rescue, attending Pit CLASS to keep her mind sharp while she waits. Even better, the staff at the RISPCA where Bella is staying loves her so much that they are reducing her adoption fee and sending her home with a free crate and a bunch of other goodies! Not that she needs any more enticements, but of course, as an Adoptable Thursdays dog, if her adopter contacts me a dogadayart@gmail.com, they will also get this drawing of her delivered to them free of charge!

A dog with a fan club that large and devoted has to be pretty special, right? We think so! If you or someone you know is looking for an amazing dog, contact the RISPCA for more information.


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