Tonight, friend and founder of Handsome Dan’s Rescue is starting out on a journey that could mean big things. Handsome, like many of the Vicktory dogs, suffers from Babesia Gibsoni, and has since before he was  rescued. Handsome has been doing well and living life (keeping busy running an amazing rescue for pit bull type dogs and looking after his adorable little sis Josephine, for starters), but a recent flare up of his Babesia has threatened to disrupt his happy life. Fortunately, Dan has beaten worse and has an amazing family and tons of awesome fans in his corner and, now, and amazing new drug! Today is the day he starts his treatment with hopes of doing what they hadn’t previously thought possible… kicking that nasty Babesia for good! Please, everyone join me in sending happy, healing thoughts or prayers (as your preference dictates) to Dan and his family as they step out with this new treatment. Go get ’em, Dan!


11 thoughts on “Dan can Do It!: 74

  1. So many thoughts and prayers that this treatment is a success for Dan and all of the Vicktory dogs who also have Babiesa.

  2. Your family is an inspiration to so many! You all are a shining example of all the things right in this world! Godspeed on your recovery Handsome Dan!

  3. Nothing but happy and healing thoughts going out to Handsome and his family. Handsome I pray that you will have healing from Babesia and finally be free from anything that keeps you bound to the days that you were a victim of the scumbag Michael Vicks.

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