Today, I’m having fun. Today, I’m unveiling something new! I’m combining today’s Dog a Day with a new project through the (also new) Blockhead Craftwerks – Minis! I love little drawings, and I’m hoping you will, too. At only 2.5×3.5″, they fit in your hand and into the adorable little pouches I found to fit them! Check out Blockhead Craftwerks to learn more about them. That said, back to today:

These little drawings are of two special dogs – Gozer, a charming and goofy fellow who also happens to be the first dog adopted from Handsome Dan’s Rescue. Next to him is Annabelle, the latest dog to be pulled into Handsome Dan’s! Together these two dogs represent a history and a future that are not at all little. Both are super attractive, fun faces to draw, and I’m sure you’ll see more of them down the line. These were done in the usual NPB and micron pen. And they make me happy. Goodnight!


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