I planned on doing two posts today, my usual and an Adoptable dog. However, something happened today to cause me to scratch that idea and do one post that (basically) covers both ideas.

Today this poor guy was found after weeks of wandering through nearby MA. At some point during his travels, young Liam was shot – no one yet knows where or why – leaving severe damage to his front leg including numerous imbedded bullet fragments and a serious break. Handsome Dan’s was contacted to help him, and so far tonight so many people have stepped up to help him. He will have a long road ahead of him, as it isn’t clear yet if they will even be able to save his leg. However, HDR is committed to giving him everything he needs, and tomorrow he moves in to rescue! All accounts paint this adorable guy as a big loveable mush, and we just can’t wait until he is feeling better! His medical bills are likely to be expensive (they could be as much as $4000), and HDR has set up a Chipin to help cover his medical costs and has added items to their Amazon Wish List which will help him recover. We have our fingers crossed that he has a speedy recovery. Please help share his story!


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