Today* is the birthday of someone very special – Denise Holmes, proprietor of Dogs in Harmony in Johnston, RI! This is one of my favorite local businesses, for so many reasons. A visit there is always a happy experience due to the wonderful smells of baking (human grade) dog treats, the warm, cheerful welcome from Denise and the likelihood of running in to any number of wonderful pups (many of whom have their happy mugs up on the wall along with so many other canine customers). Denise also runs a shop with a sense of community and giving, always doing whatever she can to help local animal rescues like the RISPCA, PARL, Handsome Dan’s Rescue and Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue as well as always, always promoting the local business person and speaking out on behalf of small business. She has even set up a Local Wish List to benefit HDR, making it easy for rescue supporters to donate and shop local. She has a wealth of knowledge on pet food (particularly for pups with issues) and her advice has been indispensable to us on many occasions finding just the right nutrition for complicated pets (and foster pets).

Most of all, though, we love Dogs in Harmony for Denise herself. Her warm and welcoming personality, her kindness and empathy and her delightful and infectious laugh. It is always a joy to stop in and spend time there, and you will always leave feeling better than you arrived.

Denise has always had a love of senior pets, and her own adorable (though not often seen) pup Sunday was adopted from a local rescue at the age of 12. So, in honor of Denise and all she does, here is a mini of Sunday (who herself is nearing her 17th birthday)! I hope everyone will join me in wishing Denise a happy day and many more!

*Posted a day late due to technical difficulties


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