Well, the Blizzard (or snow event, or major winter weather or whatever you wish to call it) is upon us here in the Northeast! We are all snug and safe, enjoying the storm from the warm side of the windows (with a couple of breaks for our snow loving hound to tear around in the fresh powder). We have had to delay our departure for Maine, but it’s worth it (another day won’t matter too much in the long run). It’s gorgeous and epic and apparently not even at full force yet (that will be in another hour or two) – we have had lots of amazing lightning throwing blues and pinks around the sky, the wind is gusting like a living thing out there and the snow – wow. We have over a foot already and it’s still coming down! The Mainer in me is thrilled. I was disappointed to find that sometime in the last couple of hours the snow has dried up some, going from a wet malleable consistency to a drier thing not suited to sculpture. I wasn’t deterred, though (who could pass up this opportunity ), so here is today’s Dog a Day … snow style! I’m going to go back to watching at the window now. Please everyone, be safe and enjoy the weather – this is a special one!


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