What a day! We had fun here in Providence, playing in the snow with the hound. We have quite a bit more than usual snow on the ground, which this Mainer is always okay with! With a day’s delay, we are excited to be on the road to Maine in the morning (where they have at least a foot more snow on the ground). However, I have to note that my excitement is firmly grounded in a place that has power and heat. My thoughts are with a number of friends who are less lucky and are dealing with this storm without either. I hope you will all join me in wishing everyone still waiting for the lights (and more) to go back on the best of luck! It’s been heartwarming to hear about people stepping up and helping by lending generators, couch and shower space and digging out neighbors. I always think that extreme weather can bring out the best in communities, and I’m glad to know that this storm is no different! Best of luck to all without tonight – our thoughts are with you, and we are hoping normalcy returns quickly!

Here then is a redo of last night’s drawing (as it was completely obliterated by the storm). I hope you all are safe and warm, and here’s to a fun day of travel tomorrow!


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