Today was a great day for baking. It was snowy again here in the coastal Northeast, which gave us a great opportunity to do some much-needed home reorganizing (post remodel). We also got in some great dog play time, time to hang out with (human) friends and, as stated, baking time … all while playing Sir David Attenborough’s Life (I could watch/listen to this series forever, no lie). A great day! I decided to get a jump on that non-drawing approach to the Dog a Day (as previously threatened) while baking cookies. Very fun, though it was challenging starting with a rising cookie dough! This is a recipe I’ve been modifying for gluten-free, dairy free chocolate chip cookies. I’ve added a couple of egg yolks to an otherwise vegan recipe … we’re still working on texture, but the taste is definitely there! The first attempt is on top, the second (and more successful) underneath. Texture is given with coconut shreds …. which go well with the coconut oil used instead of butter!


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