Welp, I’ve done it. In celebration of 100 days done, I (ghasp) took a day off. This project has become so routine that it felt weird not making and loading up a dog, but the rest (however small) was welcome.

Here we are then, back to it… and with some great news to report: I hope you all will join me in congratulating Rachael and Ron on their recent engagement! I met Dr. Rach years ago through work, and know her now as a friend and a wonderful veterinarian. Her pup Dingo (Emma) is one of the most adorable (and tolerant) pups I’ve ever met, and I was thrilled when she and Ron decided to add another dog to their family last year. I was even more thrilled when they chose Star, a misunderstood pup who I had grown oddly attached to at the shelter where I work (I’m usually not drawn to the smaller set). Star came with her challenges, but they have all made things work as a family, and I have so very much enjoyed photos of their various wilderness escapades (they are avid kayakers, hikers and general explorers of the near wilds)! Earlier this year, Rach and Ron, critters in tow, relocated down to Florida. What New England lost, Florida has gained (lucky FL). While we miss them up here, we are excited to see how well they have been settling in, and were even more overjoyed when we got word of this most recent development!

This is a sketch of Star (left) and Emma, which I will ink sometime in the near future.

Rachael and Ron, here’s wishing you the best in your future together!


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