Folks, I have a confession. While I’ve never been a big fan of fluffy, drooly dogs in general (relatively speaking, as I’m a fan of all dogs, really) …. I have always had the softest of spots for Pyrs. There have been quite a few in my life who have won me over with their big personalities, rather unlike any other breed of dog –Bear and  Ashley most recently. Well, until now ! While I’ve never actually met today’s dog, I have spent and undisclosed amount of time (really, it’s embarrassing)  checking out his online profile and, I have to admit… I’m smitten. I’ve always been sure that, when we’re ready, I’d like to add a second dog to our family. I’ve been equally certain that that dog will be a Pyr – hopefully one who can accompany me to work, traveling to schools and other educational programs as well as doing therapy visits. Imagine how bummed I am, then, that I stumbled across this guy so (too) early! This is Norman, a gorgeous Pyr boy in RI, looking for a home through National Great Pyrenees Rescue. While we (sigh) aren’t in the place to adopt him (double sigh), I’m sure some lucky family is!


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