Well, here it is – the final version of yesterday’s drawing! As mentioned, this piece was done at the request of Emma, who won Studio Hound’s Choice on a Blockhead Craftwerks challenge. The prize was a custom mini for a foster parent/family of her choice, and Emma chose Casey and Carlos of Handsome Dan’s Rescue! Casey and Carlos are wonderful folks, who have fostered a number of dogs to date: Hope, Bruschi, almost Luna, Annabelle and Boomer (and we can’t forget their very own foster failure, Bea!). Rescues like Handsome Dan’s couldn’t exist without the amazing foster families who step up and open their homes and hearts to these dogs, and Casey and Carlos are among the best. This piece is of Bruschi, a loveable (and oh so wrinkly!) lug of a shar pei/pit mix. He has since been adopted into a loving home and doing very well, thanks to the foster family who got him there! Hats off to you both, this one’s for you!


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