And now for a break from our regular programming …. I would like to announce a new project! I am pleased to introduce: Where Walter Wandered! For the next little while (we’ll see how long it lasts), Dog a Day will be taken over by a narrative. Each day will bring a new installment of an as-of-yet unwritten story about the wanderings of Walter, newest foster dog in the HDR program, accompanied (of course) by an illustration. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens (and what has happened), as his story will include both true and imagined details about his past.


7 thoughts on “A Story Begins:131

  1. Lovely! I can even see some of the chapters: “While Walter Waits” from the picture of him on the vet’s floor as we chew our nails wondering if the lump is cancer or a misplace testicle. Or “What Walter Wonders” (any of those pics of him sitting and looking up). When he’s feeling better I’m sure there will be a “When Walter Wiggles.) Thanks for brightening my day

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