Whether for the first time, or simply most recent of many

Walter’s wanderings take to wheels

pausing for a time

in a brusque place of fences

and barking and lights, smells of disinfecting

and emotion

Four days of meals

and, though brief, the memorable

touch of caring, concerned hands (his first?)



3 thoughts on “Where Walter Wandered, Part 9: 140

  1. You have taken a dog that most people obviously could of cared less about and made him into a dog that so many have fallen in love with.

    • Thank you, Jennifer! Although, I would like to say that it’s the many rescue volunteers, donors, supporters and the folks at Handsome Dan’s Rescue who have done the heavy lifting, who made it possible for him to get to rescue and get the care he needs. It’s because of them that he is safe and that I have had the honor of meeting him and creating a story for him! He’s a special guy. I’m so glad that so many have fallen for him, but I also hope that even a few people are able to see these stories and realize that there is very likely a Walter in their own area just waiting for their turn at a new story. Thank you for following and for supporting rescue! 😉

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