Troy – 1.5 year old Sheltie mix

“In January of this year we had to put down my 13 year old pit mix Sampson. He was originally a rescue from PARL in 2000. He was the most devoted I have ever had, always by my side when I was home. I felt his absence more than any other dog I have owned, and there have been many. I debated on whether to replace him or to just finish out our “dog days” with the two girls that we have left. Daisy, 11, was a rescue from RISPCA in 2002 and Lexxi was a rescue that was moved out of a kill shelter in NC and brought to RI in 2008. After about a month of mourning Sampson’s passing I started browsing Petfinder. I was still not sure I wanted to get another dog, but I figured there was no harm in looking. I knew I didn’t want to get a very young dog because my husband and I both work fulltime and don’t have the time needed to put into training and housebreaking a puppy. Also I hoped to rescue a dog that might otherwise not get adopted.

After weeks of looking not one dog appealed to me. I was close to giving up and leaving our pack with just the two girls. But I was bothered by the fact that Daisy is 11 and Lexxi only 5. And when it’s Daisy’s turn to cross the rainbow bridge, then Lexxi will be all alone.  And then one Sunday morning it happened. I had finally found the dog I was looking for. As soon as I saw his picture on Petfinder I knew he was the one. And although I was searching a 100 mile radius this dog was listed by New England Humane Society in Burrillville RI, the next town over from me! I emailed them on Sunday morning, not really expecting a response because it was Sunday, but within an hour I had a response and they arranged for us to see the dog at 4:00 that day. As he had just gotten into RI the day before he was being held at Colonial Kennel, also a town away from me.

We were told to expect him to be dirty and not to expect him to be overly affectionate. That he was kind of timid after all he had been through in the past few weeks. He had been given up by a family in SC with 2 year old twins that lost their home and could not find housing where they could take him. I learned later, from talking with the SC shelter owner, that they were extremely heartbroken and sobbing when they had to leave him at the SC shelter. It was a heart wrenching scene.

The girls at the kennel bathed him because they had been told we were coming to look at him. When they brought him it the room he was nervously circling the room looking for an exit. But I knew from the first moment I saw him that he would be ours. The girls at the kennel allowed us to take him to the house to be introduced to our girls and see how the first meeting would go. We took them all into the yard first and eventually in the house and although a bit confused by the newcomer, the girls were in no way aggressive towards him.

Our original plan was to bring him back and pick him up the next afternoon, as my husband had the following day off and would be able to spend his first full day at home with him. But after spending that short amount of time with him we knew we couldn’t leave him in the kennel another night. And that day we took him to his forever home.

His name was Tri, which we thought was a bit odd,  but he responded immediately when we spoke his name. So rather than try and change his name, we modified it to Troy. He is 1.5 years old and was listed as a sheltie mix.  It is very obvious he came from a loving family as he loves to cuddle and at 50 pounds, thinks he is a lap dog. When I finally had time to really look into his eyes, I felt that  my Sampson was looking back at me. And when my kids met him for the first time, my son and daughter in law both said the exact same thing, before I even said anything about it to them. He has fit right into the family and the pack like he has always been here. The other dogs just accepted him and that is not always the case when we have other dogs at the house.  I am convinced that this boy was sent to us somehow and this union was meant to be. He’s a perfect fit!”

-Carolyn, RI


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