Cooper – 7ish year old Scruffy Pup
“Seven years ago, I moved from southern California to Illinois – dogless.  Once I got settled into my new house, I began routine checks of the Petfinder page for a local rescue group that my friend’s sister volunteered with in search of the “perfect” dog. I knew I wanted a small breed and one young enough to grow up around my cats. One day, the rescue group posted four puppies they had just gotten in. I found out through my contact that the puppies and both their parents had been brought in by a man whose wife had suffered a traumatic event at her job as a police officer and they could no longer care for the dogs. I was told that the man, in tears, had signed the dogs’ care over to the rescue so that they could have a chance to be adopted out. I drove down to the rescue that evening and was let in before the rescue was opened to the public. I was taken into the office were the four puppies were running around playing with each other. As expected, they were adorable!  Gorgeous, silky coats. Plump, round bellies. Beautiful!
Except one.
“Puddles” (as he was called on Petfinder) was not silky or plump or as “beautiful” as the others. He was more, shall we say, scrappy and wiry looking. After watching the puppies play for a few minutes and talking to my friend’s sister, Puddles broke away from wrestling with his siblings and began to explore the office on his own. He nosed around for a few minutes, independent and sure of himself. Then he stopped, looked over at us and on his tiny little scrappy puppy feet, trotted over. At my feet sat Puddles. He looked up at me and began tugging on my skirt. Harder and harder he tugged. He tugged so hard on my skirt that day that his tiny little puppy pulls tugged all the way up to my heart. I reached down and scooped him up and he immediately began giving me little puppy kisses.

Fifteen minutes later, “Cooper” and I were driving home and while he may not be the silkiest or the prettiest, he picked me that day and I am so glad he did!”

Linda, IL


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