Emmet – 8 years old, White German Shepherd / Terrier mix. 

“I didn’t think I wanted a dog. I didn’t think I even liked dogs particularly. But one day, a little over 7 years ago, I was driving around town, running some errands. As I drove past a local pawn shop, I noticed an unusual-looking dog standing in the parking lot, eating something off of the ground. I told myself that I would go on to the bank, but if the dog was there when I drove back by, I would stop and see what he was like.

When i came back by, he was sitting down sitting on the walkway in front of the pawn shop.  I stopped my car, got out, and I asked anyone around me if they knew whose dog this was. No one knew the dog. So I thought, “Well, I guess you’re coming with me then.” He wouldn’t budge from his spot on the walkway. He was scared. So, I put my arms around this unfamiliar, filthy, scared dog and picked him up and put him in my car. As I shut the door, a voice came from behind me, “Hey, what are you doing with my dog? Where are you taking him?” I turned around in shock and stammered, “Oh, uh, well, I was taking him home.” The man thought for a moment and said, “Okay, you can have him…. oh, do you have any spare change?” I gave him $5. Before I drove away I said, “What’s his name?” He said, “Snowball.”
After I got home, I thought to myself, “You are so gullible! He was just some random dude on the street and you just got scammed out of $5! He just made up a name on the spot because he is a fuzzy white dog!” Oh well, lesson learned, right? He clearly was malnourished and neglected. He had been on the streets for most of his short life, it was apparent. No matter how I got him, he was better off living with me.
A few days later, I was walking my new dog in my neighborhood. I walked past the auto shop and all of the mechanics came out at once and started waving and saying, “Hi Snowball! Hey buddy!” Over the next few weeks I heard several other stories from random sources that confirmed the man’s story. I wasn’t the most gullible person in the world, after all.
I re-named him Emmet and we started our journey together. He grew into his head and almost into his ears and is now 8 years old and almost 78 pounds. He is my best friend and love him more than I ever thought I could love a dog.”

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