Julie, 6ish year old black mixed breed:

Julie’s “Gotcha Day” was January 28, 2012. I was mourning the loss of my first rescue dog, Teddy, when a dear friend reached out to me on Facebook. This friend had been instrumental in matching me with Teddy, and he now had another dog to show me. I believe his email went something like, “I know you are still mourning Teddy, but let me know as soon as you are ready because I have a great dog for you!” Of course he sent pictures, so of course I had to give it some thought.

Julie’s story was rather sad: She had been “rescued” as a pup with her siblings by a well-meaning couple who eventually became hoarders masked as a retriever rescue. The county came in and took all the animals (over 100 dogs in pretty bad shape) and Julie lived at the county shelter during the investigation. She was then rescued by a kind group, A New Beginning Pet Rescue, where she stayed in boarding for over a year and a half, waiting for her furever home. By this time she was 5 years old, and she was also black and had become a little skittish – three points that were not exactly working in her favor for adoption. My friend volunteered with the rescue walking their dogs, and he reported that Julie was a volunteer favorite with her shy, sweet disposition and deep, soulful brown eyes. It was her soulful gaze in those pictures that made me realize I needed to meet her.

My friend brought Julie to meet me on Saturday, January 28th and the rest is history. There have been many ups and downs over the last year trying to acclimate Julie to a loving home. She is afraid of sudden movements, loud noises, thunder and rain, some men and children…Through all her anxieties and quirks, she absolutely lives to make me happy. She is my constant companion, confidant and friend. She reserves her excitement for me only, and I know we have a special bond that she has never felt with another human. Julie has taught me about patience and about the meaning of commitment, no matter how difficult the challenges may seem.”

-Kristen, FL



One thought on “Gotcha! Julie: 150

  1. I recently lost a very special dog, when I’m ready I will foster another. I plan on saving a dog similar to Julie, I’m not sure what breed, size or color but will look for that same disposition you mentioned in Julie.

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