Zoe – 2.5 year old brindle mix

“I want to preface this story by saying that at this point in my life I did not want a dog. I had grown up with dogs and loved dogs, but not in the one bedroom apartment that my now fiancé and I shared (we live in a good sized townhouse now). We never even talked about getting a dog…until that day. The day that she went to the pound with her brother because he wanted a dog. The day that an adorable little brindle puppy climbed into her lap during a visit and she sent me “the picture.”

Our Zoe was apparently part of a litter that was dropped off at the shelter. Of however many there were, two remained: a male and a female. I don’t completely remember the particulars, but what I do remember is the text picture. The picture that my fiancé sent to me showing the most adorable brindle ball of fur I had ever seen. I tried to stay strong: that we weren’t at the point that we could have a dog. It didn’t work. I finally said that I would pay the pet fees and whatnot at the apartment IF and only if SHE was there. Any other dog would be taken back. My fiancé arrived the next day to find that SHE was the only one left. Her brother had been adopted. I came home from work that day being greeted by a little ball of furry love.
A couple days passed, and we had noticed a cough. We took her to the vet for her checkup and they said it was kennel cough….and pretty bad pneumonia. Treatment was a bit pricy and risky for a puppy that young, but we did it. We were already completely attached to her. On top of that the small “spot” on her head that the pound said was probably from a sibling scratching or biting her was actually demoditix mange (easily treatable). We moved our mattress into the living room for her to sleep on and be with us while she went through her treatment and she made it through like a champ. She is now over 2 1/2 and one of the best things to happen to us. I can’t imaging our lives without our Zoe.”

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