“My life with Benjie began September 28, l988.  I was on my way home and saw this dog on the side of the road.  It was a warm day even for the end of September and this little dog looked very tired and thirsty.  To say he was also very dirty would be an understatement. I took him home gave him water, introduced him to my Shelties, fed him and gave him a very much needed bath.  When he was clean he was a beautiful blond with a soft coat.  The whole time I was washing him he kept his eyes on me and I felt he was saying thank you but at the same time there was a hint of the mischievous dog he was.

The next few days found  me walking with Benjie in the area I had found him and waiting for the local school bus to see if any of the children recognized this dog.  No one did and no one responded to the posters I put up.  By this time Benjie had found his way into mine and my husband’s hearts.  Actually he found his way into mine when I first saw him.  My Mom, Sister and I had just seen the Movie, Benjie and as this little guy looked so much like the movie star, that became his name.  When I found him he had a BB pellet in his chest and so that was removed and he was neutered and we settled in.  We were living in a rural area with several acres fenced.  Now Shelties will respect a 6″ fence but Benjie was not a Sheltie and he did like to roam.  He would dig under or climb over any obstacle put in his way and so when he was outside he had to be kept on a rope. Much to my surprise he never tried to chew it to get free and he never got tangled in the trees.

Of course there were a few times when he did manage to travel.  One time he rolled in something so foul my husband wouldn’t put him in the car to bring him home and so I walked him about 2 miles.  By the time we got home we were both exhausted and Benjie still needed a bath.  He thought chasing our neighbors cows would be great fun, another bath.  A dip in the lake just at the bottom of our road, another bath.  It got to the point where he would just about head for the bathroom himself after one of his forays.  One time when he was on a walk about he ate something that made him horribly sick.  I was so worried about him but he was vomiting and our Vet assured me he would be fine when he got whatever he ate out of his system.  The poor guy reminded me of someone who had way to much to drink and was suffering with the world’s worst hang over.  He would leave his bed only to go outside and vomit and then come back in looking so miserable my heart broke for him.   Eventually as Benjie aged his wandering days stopped and he was quite content to stay home and poke around the yard or lie with his tummy directed at the fireplace in the winter.   He was a very loving  dog who got along with everyone he met be it human, canine, feline, equine, OK, maybe the cows, not so much.  As much trouble as this little guy got into I am so grateful he came into my life.  There will always be a special place in my heart for Benjie.”



2 thoughts on “Gotcha! : 155

  1. I was so thrilled to see that you have used my story about Benjie.
    More than that I adore the drawing you have done of him. Thank you so much. Ann

  2. Good Morning, Thank you so much for using my story about Benjie. He was quite the character and I still miss him. I love the drawing you have done of Benjie and if you could send me a copy of it I would appreciate it. Take care, Ann

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