Part 1: Bonnie

“Our story actually began 13 years ago in April 2001, when my oldest daughter’s dog had seven pit bull puppies.  When the lone female in the litter was returned after a couple of days, my kids teamed up to convince me that we needed a puppy to add to our menagerie of cats, iguanas, hamsters and teenaged humans.  Bonnie came home to eager teenagers and reluctant adults, but as the children grew and left for college, Bonnie gradually became the center of our lives.  Bonnie attended a thousand soccer and hockey games, often making the two hour drive to the kids’ games and colleges, contentedly riding shotgun.  Bonnie was never a perfect dog, but was perfectly imperfect if you understand.  She had terrible, lifelong allergies, a tendency to develop fatty tumors, weight issues and ACL problems – we earned the dubious honor of having the fattest file at the vet’s office.  Yet Bonnie exhibited such joy in life – I have hundreds of pictures of her rolling in sand, snow and grass, and dancing with her human siblings.  It was with the greatest despair that we had to say goodbye to Bonnie September 8, 2010 – after she, and we, battled her spinal cord cancer for too short a time.  We would have given everything we owned, and my right arm, to save her – but not at the cost of the terrible pain she was in.  Nine and a half years was too short a time to share with this exuberant soul.  http://belovedbonnie.shutterfly.com/.  I still miss her every day.”



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