Part 2: Jada

“Bonnie died at Angell Memorial, with the kindest of veterinary staff allowing us as much time as we needed to usher her out of this life.  I tried to turn the terrible grief into something positive and began volunteering in the Safewalk Program at the MSPCA shelter, hoping to help other people see that it is the soul, and not the breed, that defines a dog.  I have seen the saddest and happiest dramas play out in my time volunteering.  After walking and training one particular sad story for five months, I opened my heart again to Jada.  Jada came to the shelter at eleven months old, untrained, unsocialized, not spayed and with significant fear issues.  She has been home with us since Dec. 31, 2011.  It is an uphill battle, requiring a lot of patience, love and time (sometimes I wonder if we can ever go on a walk without a case of the growlies), but we are seeing Jada taking joy in her life now as well.  Bonnie is paying it forward.”

– Louise


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