Chip – 7.5 year old Boxer

“Two months after the miracle of welcoming Annie (Get-Your-Tongue) into our hearts and home, my sister notified us of a two year old male boxer at Placer SPCA in Northern CA would be available the next day (Sunday).  Annie had previously met a couple of female boxers in shelters and neither worked out as I sensed Annie seemed uncomfortable (or perhaps I was).  Still, I had a feeling she was to have a brother and this may be the one.  I was told he was a beautiful brindle boy (I had never had a brindle dog) who was found wearing a tie-dye T-shirt (okay, not my style). 

 We drove a couple of hours early Sunday morning to be at the shelter before they opened.  We decided Jim would walk Annie and I would meet the brindle boy first to give us the best opportunity for a successful first meeting between the two.  My sister also made the early trip to meet us and introduce brindle boy.  As soon as they brought him out to me, I melted, he was stunning.  But then, what happened next was another miracle.  For those familiar with Annie Get-Your-Tongue’s Gotcha!, you may recall Meg and Rocky (boxer/lab mixes) who I’d had since six weeks old until very old age.  Well, Rocky had a signature move and it was to sit on my right foot facing away from me toward anyone he thought was getting too close or speaking too loud.  Yes, without hesitation, brindle boy sat on my right foot and looked at the person who brought him to me.  I now could not speak and now had tears running down my cheeks.  He got me! He was mine. 

 Brindle boy met Jim and was crazy about his new dad and then he met Annie!  Annie played with him right away, she even protected him from the dog in the next play area by showing off her barking skills.  As she barked, he did it again, he came over and sat on my right foot as he faced outward.  He hit home.  I was saddened by the scar on his neck from his old tie-dye T-shirt and promised him that would be left behind!  While waiting for his microchip at the shelter, Jim decided brindle boy would be named “Chip!”  They recommended one of us sit between them in the back-seat for the ride home, just in case there was any friction.  We felt they would be fine and we left with both of them curled up in the back-seat as they slept all the way home.

 Chip couldn’t wait to get into the house and Annie followed him everywhere, so excited to have him home.  Chip gives hugs with both paws around the neck and is in love with life.  He’s got the BEST boxer wiggle and kidney bean curl.  Chip leaves a little in bowl most meals because Annie likes to lick ‘em clean, he’s thoughtful, I mean he really is. 

 They are inseparable, well, we all are and I can’t imagine life without them, fortunately, I won’t have to, after all, love is forever.”

 Teresa, CA


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