“My husband and I already had two dogs – Crook (a Rottweiler) and Little D (a Rat Terrier). Little D was getting older and I felt that Crook might enjoy a playmate that could keep up with him. We agreed that we wanted a small- to medium-sized adult dog. I looked for other Rat Terriers, Boston Terriers, and Terrier mixes. Then, on a whim, I typed “rottweiler” into Petfinder. I came across a rottweiler puppy, just 4 months old, at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. It wasn’t a very good photo, but I could see the look in her eyes and I just knew she was my dog. I told my husband, “I found our dog.” He said, “Another rottweiler!? A PUPPY!? No way!” I pleaded. He sighed, “Are you SURE?” “Absolutely,” I replied. I went to meet her, knowing I was going to come home with her. She was the last of her litter at the shelter. Her bigger, healthier brothers had all been adopted. She had pneumonia when she arrived at the shelter and had been on IV fluids, but was now healthy and ready to come home with me. Her name, they said, was Sarah. I knew her name was most definitely NOT Sarah. It was Mokey. After a couple of months with Mokey, we noticed she had a terrible limp in her back legs. We took her to the vet for X-rays and found out she had severe congenital hip dysplasia. She would need at least one hip replaced, if not both. If she did not get surgery, the doctor said she wouldn’t be able to walk by the time she was an adult. The surgery was expensive – too expensive for us. But we had 6 months before the surgery could be performed, so I worked extra freelance jobs, had a yard sale, family members and friends pitched in and by the time her surgery was scheduled, we were just barely able to pay for it. After months of recovery, she was able to run and play almost as well as a normal dog. She learned to love swimming and was dubbed “The World’s Ugliest Dolphin”, jumping off docks, pontoon boats, going canoeing, and playing fetch like a champ. I told the shelter director about Mokey’s surgery and recovery and she apologized for adopting a dog out to me that had so many health issues. Had she known, they would have probably euthanized her. But I was not sorry ONE BIT. She was everything I could have hoped for in a friend — four-legged or otherwise. Mokey wasn’t just my dog, she was an extension of myself. Though she has passed away now, and it still hurts worse than I imagined it ever could, I think of how incredibly lucky I was to have her in my life.”

Sonya, MO


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