This lovely lady (seen yesterday as well) is Virginia (aka Ginny), shown today in all her expectant glory*. Virginia is a super sweet, lovely and loveable girl who has found herself in a spot of trouble. You see, she some how ended up pregnant and homeless. Fortunately for her, she wound up with the wonderful Handsome Dan’s Rescue just in time to deliver her babies. Ginny is amazingly sweet, but understandably stressed and disoriented from all of the change in her life combined with her, uh, condition, so HDR founders and volunteers have been working around the clock to help her feel comfortable and at home within the small window of time before she brings her (hopefully equally small) family into the world. Given how close to delivery she was before she came to rescue, HDR is scrambling to get ready for the chaos that a newborn litter of puppies can bring. Want to help? You can donate to the care of Ginny and her puppies (believe me, they take a LOT of care) or visit the HDR Amazon Wishlist and send along some much-needed supplies (like puppy formula!). We look forward to everyone getting to know Ginny even better as she settles into foster care and motherhood. I’m serious when I say she’s a complete doll, who loves face time and, once she trusts you, just wants to climb inside you she’s so snuggly (I may be smitten).

*Today was a long one, spent volunteering with a Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue event (we raised over $1000! Excited!) and then spending the remainder of the evening with Ginny and the crew at HDR … so, I found myself home later than planned and rather tired. Full disclosure, I planned to ink this, and will finish that up tomorrow and update it at that time. Thanks for understanding!


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