Today was the day! Today, starting at 7:20am, Ginny delivered her pups! The first little dude arrived at 8:05, and the other 9 (that’s right, there were TEN) arrived throughout the morning and early afternoon. This was Ginny’s first litter, and she is very young (around 1 year), so she was very confused and frightened at first, but by the end she was a pro. We are fortunate that almost all of the litter was delivered whole and healthy – however, pup number 9, dubbed Indy, was born with a severe cleft palate. It was a tense afternoon as we discussed what to do about her, and how best to proceed. Fortunately for everyone, an amazing organization called The Mia Foundation stepped forward to take her on and give her the best shot at a normal life. You see, The Mia Foundation specialized in disabled newborns. It is so amazing to see rescue groups working together in this way. For tonight, little Indy will be cared for by amazing HDR volunteer Casey, before being handed off to HDR volunteer and board member Trisha for the early morning drive towards Rochester, NY.

Suffice to say, it’s been a huge roller coaster of a day. For part of the afternoon, I had the pleasure of having Bean Duty – looking after Josephine (aka Bean), the 3 year old Toddler In Charge at HDR. We took the opportunity to grab a little sunshine and make these chalk drawings out in the yard to welcome all future guests to HDR HQ. Things seem settled down a bit now, and we are preparing for what the coming days will bring. Ginny was a champ, and is resting now, regaining her energy as other involved parties slowly head off to bed themselves. Thank you all for following, and for supporting rescues like HDR, The Mia Foundation and so many others!


IMAG3086 IMAG3087 IMAG3089 IMAG3090 IMAG3091 IMAG3092 IMAG3093 IMAG3094 IMAG3095 IMAG3096 IMAG3097 IMAG3098


3 thoughts on “Oh, Mama: The Puppies Are Here!: 170

  1. Love the chalk drawings! I think Josephine is a budding artist AND a budding dog rescuer~. Such good news that Indy will be going to the Mia Foundation and that Ginny did so well yesterday.

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