Whew, what a day! It seems that at this point in time, I know more mothers (and mothers to be) than at any other point in my life. I hope that all of them had a wonderful day and got at least a portion of the peace and respect that they deserve. Most of all, I wish I could have been home to spend the day with my own wonderful mother, Debbie, without whom I would not be the person I am today. I could never imagine or ask for a better mother or friend, and though I know I don’t express it nearly enough, I love her dearly and am thankful daily that I have her in my life.

To all of the mothers out there – biological or adoptive,foster mothers,  mothers to two legs, three legs, four or more, mothers to one or many – to all of those mothers, thank you. Thank you for the support, the love and the gift of live you have given, and continue to give. To all of those who have mothers, who know mothers (of any sort), I hope you were able to take even a moment today to express your appreciation for what they do. I also hope that you are able to do so throughout the  year, because while taking a special day to do it is wonderful, that type of devotion and work deserves acknowledgement and respect year-round.

It’s late, and we had a long day with moms and working in the garden and hanging out with our own 4-legged set, so today brings a quick contour study of, yet again, the Studio Hound herself: Sadie. She’s ridiculous, but I love her goofy schnoz.


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