Today was a fun day: in our area there has been a little urban garden supply shop trying to open, but it was hotly contested by some neighbors. For the past three months, then, Cluck! has been battling to open their doors, being asked to jump through hoops (in my humble opinion) far too large for such a lovingly planned and community-minded small business. However, with lots of hard work and a pile of community support (you know, other than those few neighbors), Cluck! prevailed… and opened their doors today! I love small business, and I love growing my own food in the little space we have, so I’m over the moon about this. Well, while picking up a few supplies there today, I had the pleasure to meet Bella, friend and companion of the proprietor and one gorgeous little pup! She has a lovely, calm demeanor and does a great job keeping shop (where she spends her days). I couldn’t resist, so I got a few shots for later sketching (and painting). She has a beautiful face, with large, soulful, heavily lined eyes – irresistible! I am completely taken with her little face, and so you are likely to see her again!


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