So, tonight I’m trying something new. I know I’ve primarily done drawing, but I’ve also done a teensy bit of sculpture, and some food-art, and a bit of torn paper. What I haven’t done yet is, well, a photo. I mean, all posts technically have a photo, but tonight is strictly a photo. A photo of the Studio Hound, to be precise. We have been having fun posing her with food. Tonight’s post was by far the most difficult … for a hound who has balanced a been bottle on her head, that may sound hard to believe …. but a beer bottle, unlike a cherry, at least has a flat bottom! This was tough to pose, but we’re pretty happy with it … enjoy the shenanigans!

IMAG3408 IMAG3456 IMAG3482 IMAG3491 IMAG3499 IMAG3576 IMAG3597 IMAG3600 IMAG3853 IMAG3858 IMAG3860 IMAG3866 IMAG4295 IMAG4297 IMAG4304 IMAG4541 IMAG4546 IMAG4549


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