Well, folks, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking over here. When I started the Dog a Day project, I didn’t envision a real end-game, it was more about the process. I wanted the project to be open ended, so that it could move organically and we could see what came of it. I think it’s safe to say that quite a bit has come of it during the last (fast) 204 days! Blockhead Craftwerks was born, not least of all, resulting in so much more than a simple dog doodle or sculpture every 24.


Remember this guy? He still sits in his place of honor, looking down at my main work desk!

Sitting here now, it has come to some tough decisions. I want to continue the spirit of drawing every day, whether I feel like it or not (because oh-so-often I don’t think I feel like it only to realize it was exactly what I needed to do). I want to keep this forward momentum, and keep up the spirit of play while working my art muscles (whatever those may be). I also want to keep some sanity in my life, and to devote as much time as possible to the growing Blockhead Cw. To this end, I have made a decision: we will be scaling back Dog a Day. For a trial period, at least, posts will come twice per week: on Thursdays (scheduled studio days) and on Sundays. I plan to still create art every day, particularly dogs, but the frequency of posts will slow, and sometimes the daily art will be continued work on an existing piece, or (ghasp) a cat, or some other piece of work that, for whatever reason, I would not likely be able to post day-of. Rest assured that I will continue to update Blockhead Craftwerks with a frequency more closely related to the rate of work, with the little extras that followers have come to expect – if you have only followed along here so far, I encourage you to swing over to FB and check us out!

For tonight, here are two pieces that I have been bouncing between today. Both are pieces I was inspired to do when first meeting the dogs featured (both are wonderful and each has a strong personality which I found instantly inspiring … so). I am also working on some commission work, and waiting to finalize some paperwork and get started on even more. I also have some donation pieces in the works…can you see why I am looking for extra time where I can get it?

Thank you all so SO very much for following, for your support, your kind words and for sticking with this project and all that it has led to so far. I hope to have you with me as we move forward, even as things change (as so often they must). I am incredibly excited to see what the next 200-some-odd days have in store, and am especially excited to share that discovery with all of you!


3 thoughts on “Moving On, Moving Up: 204

  1. I have been following this since about March and then I sent you the story of my Benjie (April #15)5and have been following ever since.
    I am a big fan now and while I will miss your daily posts I understand your time constraints and wish you all the best for whatever you choose to do next. I’ll find you on Facebook. Take care, Ann

  2. I have often wondered how you are able to do it all !!!! I already “Like” your FB page so I won’t go through total withdrawals now that you won’t be posting on this page every day. So glad that your work has been keeping you too busy ~ wishes for continued success and more exciting adventures in the future!

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