Lexi, adoptable through Handsome Dan’s Rescue, located in RI. Follow Lexi’s Blog at defininglexi.wordpress.com to get more info about her!

Those who have been following this blog for even a short while will have already noticed that, often, the dog featured is an adoptable pup from an area shelter or rescue. Working in the rescue field as I do (and fostering, and being friends with rescue workers, volunteers and foster parents), many of the dogs I encounter are waiting to find their forever home. Being a shelter dog makes them no less attractive to me – on the contrary, if often makes them more so. I’m already drawing these dogs, but I’d like to do more. Therefore, I’m happy to introduce:

Adoptable Thursdays!

Here’s how it works: Each and every Thursday I will draw not just any dog but, specifically, a dog waiting for a home. Each post will feature the name of the dog and some basic info about them, the rescue they are with (including where in the US they are) and links to more information on the dog and contact info if you are interested in adopting! Some of these dogs may be special cases, as I have a soft spot for those, so you may also see links for donation or sponsorship if the featured pup is in need of specialized tools or medical care.

As an added incentive: If you end up adopting one of the Adoptable Thursdays Dogs, contact me at dogadayart@gmail.com with “I adopted ______ (name of dog)” in the subject line, include the date of adoption and your mailing information and I will ship the art featuring that dog to you for FREE! Pretty cool, right?

So, please keep an eye out for our Adoptable Thursdays here at Dog A Day, and thanks for following!


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