Henley, a super adorable pup who lives with some good friends and has had his day!

Making a dog a day is hard work … that’s a lot of dogs in a year, and who even says I’m going to stop there? I’m pretty sure that, even with the volume of dogs I work with daily, I’m likely to hit days where I run low on inspiration. And that’s where you come in! Want to see your dog in A Dog A Day? Great! Here’s how you can:

Send a picture of your pup (or a pup you know) to me at: dogadayart@gmail.com . Include the name of the dog in the subject line. Some things to keep in mind when selecting your picture:

  • Please send no more than 2 views of your dog
  • Make sure the picture is as large/high quality as possible
  • Make sure you have rights to the photo – no professional portraits (taken by someone other than you) or pictures taken from the internet or from people without their knowledge. Let’s keep art honest!
  • Understand that if there is a person in the picture, they may be included in the art unless you specifically request they not be – so crop them out, request no people or take your chances

Please keep in mind, not every dog is guaranteed to be included, and there is no set schedule for when a dog may be featured – it could be in a day, a week, a year or never. Also, although most of the Dog A Day pieces are in fact drawings, there is no guarantee that they all will be, so any dogs submitted may be drawn, but may also be painted, cut out or sculpted – any media is possible for this project! And finally, the nitty gritty – while you retain rights to the pictures you send (I will never post them or use them for anything other than reference), by submitting your pup you are agreeing that all rights to any art made from those images belong exclusively to me.

Want to make sure your dog has their day, or want to see about getting your hands on Dog A Day art featuring your pup? Contact me at dogadayart@gmail.com and reference Commission in the subject line (include the name of the dog if the art was already featured).

Thanks so much for following, and for getting involved!


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